10 Best Ways to Use Your Balcony

Jul 20
Park Property Management
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Living at 66 Isabella provides you with some great perks, one of them being your balcony.

You may have decorated it when you moved in, but are you really using it? Park Property Management has 10 great reasons to get you out on your balcony this summer.


Grab a Book and Read in the Sun

Reading is a great pastime, especially outdoors. Looking for a good book to dig into? Check out this summer's best reads.


Take your Coffee Outside

Instead of taking your coffee to go, give yourself more time in the morning and enjoy your coffee outside on the balcony.


Have a Nap

Summer is made for mid-afternoon naps! They're especially refreshing when you doze off outdoors. Just make sure you are in the shade, so you don't unintentionally get burnt in the sun.


Write, Draw, or Colour

Take a few minutes to be creative. Adult colouring books have exploded in the market and are a great way to help you relax. Doodling or writing down your thoughts each day can help you exercise your brain, eliminate stress, and blow off steam.


Attract Colour

Make or buy a butterfly feeder to place on your balcony. This will help your flowers flourish and add a bright beautiful focal point to your outdoor space.


Do Yoga or Meditate

Our large balconies give you the perfect opportunity to practice basic yoga or sit and meditate to relax your body and mind after a long day.


Eat Outside

At dinnertime, forget Netflix! Shake up your mealtime routine by eating outside on your balcony and enjoy the view.



Invite friends over for evening cocktails, coffee or just a chat- make your space comfortable to lounge in by adding pillows and blankets to your seating.



The night sky is full of wonder! Teach yourself star names or learn to identify constellations while you enjoy the quiet of the night. Download an app to help get you started.


Snuggle with your Spouse

Turn on your twinkle lights or light candles and enjoy watching the stars come out as you snuggle with your significant other.


When you can't head off on vacation, step outside on your balcony and take advantage of that extra outdoor space. Your balcony is a great place to zap stress, be creative, or enjoy a night with family and friends!

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