Adding the Scent of Autumn

Sep 22
Park Property Management
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Fall has officially arrived and with it, comes distinct seasonal scents that we can't get enough of!

How can your space smell like a lovely Autumn day? Enjoy some sweet aromas by lighting any of these gourmet candles:

  • Leaves from Bath & Body Works. This 3 wick candle embraces fall with hints of nectar, ripe apple, and red berries.
  • Autumn Wreath from Bed Bath & Beyond. This warm savory candle will fill the room with the scents of fall with hints of cinnamon spice and apple.
  • Chestnut from Indigo. This 3 wick mercury candle fills the air with the scent of roasting chestnuts and notes of nutmeg.
  • Autumn Comfort Jar from Woodwick, found at Bed Bath & Beyond. These fall aromas, Sonoma Sunset, Pumpkin Butter, and Apple Crisp, melt together beautifully creating a new Autumn scent creation.  
  • Cinnamon & Mulled Cider from Indigo. This poured glass candle smells like an Autumn day at the apple orchard, by infusing cinnamon spice and brown sugar scents.

*Please be responsible and consider the safety rules for lit candles.


Looking for other ways to bring in that great Autumn scent into your apartment? Try these:

  • Do some baking! Fresh apple or pumpkin pie is a great smell to have wafting through your living space.
  • Collect or purchase pine cones and use this quick DIY tutorial to make Fall inspired decor that adds a pleasant, gentle scent to apartment.
  • Create scents of Fall in these baking soda air freshener jars and enjoy a room filled with the aroma of Fall.
  • Bouquets of thyme, sage, parsley, or rosemary not only look great, but will bring in wonderful aromas. You can hang them, place them in a vase, or just lay them on the table.
  • Cinnamon Ornaments. These easy DIY ornaments are great for anyone who loves the smell of cinnamon. Follow these instructions to make your own. The scent is long lasting without being overpowering and they are a great way to add a warm, familiar scent to your home.

Adding the aroma of Autumn is easy with these quick and fun ideas. The hardest part will be choosing your favourite!

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