All About Balcony Gardening

Jun 11
Park Property Management
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Any gardening space can be a place of peace and tranquility. When you garden, you can reduce stress, sleep better, and improve your self-esteem.

A balcony offers the perfect space for a small garden for any renter, and a beautiful addition to your living space. Plus, you'll enjoy more privacy, less city noise, and improved air quality.

The type of containers you use is important. High balconies can get a fair amount of wind, which means you'll need to weigh down your pots or choose heavier containers. Adding rocks to the bottoms of pots should prevent tipping, or you can place a smaller pot inside a larger pot and fill the space between them with rocks. This will also help contain excess water. Ceramic pots are heavier, but they can shatter if left outside over the winter.

Grow different types of plants for a varied look. For beginners, fill your containers with potting soil and plants that are hardy and easy to grow like Marigolds, Impatience, and Geraniums. For year-round gardening, try perennials, which are plants that continue to grow year after year, like Black-Eyed Susan, Coreopsis, and Hosta. Succulents are a great balcony plant, as they store water and can survive in most conditions.

Watering is important, especially if your balcony gets full sun or lots of wind. To avoid having excess water running across your balcony floor or off the edge, don't over-water. Wait to water your plants until the soil feels dry. Self-watering planters will keep the water contained without drowning your plants. Make your own self-watering pot by placing one pot with several drainage holes inside a pot with no holes. Add water to the outer pot rather than the soil, so your plants get the proper amount of water each time.

Keep the bugs away from your balcony by adding a few plants to deter them. Lavender, Citronella Grass, Marigolds, and Catnip are great plants to keep mosquitos away. For ticks, beetles, and silverfish, plant Chrysanthemums, Basil, and Petunias. Remember to remove exposed standing water and any trash from your balcony so you aren't attracting  bugs.

Gardens are designed for growing! Add more garden space by stacking planters and using hanging baskets. If you're looking for luxurious suites with balconies, our 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartment suites feature beautiful balconies with plenty of gardening space.