All About Farmers' Markets

Sep 16
Park Property Management
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Everyone wants to eat fresh, locally grown foods, but sometimes it can be hard to find these in grocery stores.

The best place to get your produce is from your local farmers at your local farmers' market.

There are 3 farmers' markets close to 66 Isabella. The seasonal Bloor/Borden Farmers' Market is closest to our Isabella apartments and is open from June to October. Both the Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market and the St. Lawrence Farmers' Market are open year-round and are short transit rides away from our building.  

One of the best features of a farmers' market is being able to shop for more than just produce. Many local butchers, dairy farmers, and beekeepers also come to the market to sell their fresh meat, eggs, cheese, and honey products. You'll also find local artisans, bakers, wineries, and other specialty vendors.

Shopping at your local farmers' market is one of the easiest ways to support your community. Those farmers, butchers, and artisans also live in your community, so buying their goods means stimulating your local economy while also providing yourself with quality nutrition and goods. 

When you spend time at a farmers' market, you can get to know people in your community. A farmers' market is a wonderful learning resource and an excellent place to talk to other locals about recipes, favourite foods, or even the daily finds. Meet the vendors and ask about their crops or learn different ways to cook their meats.

Don't forget that even though many markets have evolved to include modern technology, many farmers still only accept cash. It's a good idea to bring small bills. We also suggest bringing reusable bags for your purchases and a cooler if you plan to buy anything perishable. Although the year-round markets have shelter, it's best to dress for the weather because markets are open rain or shine. 

View our suites at 66 Isabella and give our local farmers' markets a try. You'll be happy you did!