Apartment Living: Wintertime with Your Pooch!

Dec 1
Park Property Management
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Wintertime means more inside-time for you and your four-legged friends.

We want to help you navigate apartment living with your dog, during the Winter season!

Keep them warm and comfortable

You may be tempted to turn down the heat while you're at work, but just because your dog has a fur coat, doesn't mean they don't get cold! Keeping the temperature set to 70 degrees while you are out will keep your pet comfortable. Warm your apartment floors by adding plush rugs or move your dog's bed into a sunny spot.

Create indoor playtime space

When the snow flies and the temperatures dip, play with your dog indoors! While some dogs love playing in the snow, others don't like it or get cold too easily. No matter what they prefer for playtime, your dog needs exercise! Pack away any unnecessary furniture and breakable items or rearrange your rooms so that you have more floor space and choose toys that don't require running. Great options are puzzle toys and tug of war ropes.

Use the stairs

Instead of travelling on the elevator with your dog, use the stairs. Both you and your pet will get some added exercise, keeping you both active during the cold winter months.

Keep them safe

Road salt can irritate the pads on your dog's paws and cause inflammation in their mouth. So, after a walk wipe their paws with a damp cloth to remove any salt residue. The Lucky Tails Pet Boutique, just a short walk from our building, sells dog booties that can protect your pet's paws from the outdoor elements.

Join a play group

Getting your dog to play outdoors can be difficult if they don't enjoy the colder temperatures. Try taking your dog to the indoor play park at Purina Paws Way on Queens Quay West where they can play off-leash with other dogs.

Keeping your pets happy during the winter will benefit you as well. Coming home to a happy pet is a great mood enhancer!

66 Isabella is a dog friendly building. If you and your pet are looking for a new home, check out our listings today!