Apartment Purge! Tips Renters can use from the Popular Marie Kondo Netflix Series

Feb 20
Park Property Management
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It's easy to let clutter pile up.

We can get into the habit of holding on to things even when we no longer need them. Marie Kondo, from the new Netfilx series Tidying Up, has been inspiring people all around the world to get rid of their clutter and choose joy.

Even though apartments offer less space than houses, clutter still manages to build up! We're sharing a few of Marie's rules that you can apply to your apartment to give you more space to live in.

In order to be successful, you must completely commit to tidying up. Book some time and focus only on tidying. According to Marie, you should clean by category and in this order:

  1. Clothes
  2. Books
  3. Papers
  4. Household and miscellaneous items
  5. Sentimental items

Cleaning by category forces you to completely clear your apartment of all the unnecessary items in each category rather than moving them from room to room. Marie suggests you gather all your things from each category and go through them carefully. For example, all your clothing should come out of the closet and drawers before you can sort and eliminate.

If you have items that no longer bring you joy, like sentimental items, take a moment with each item before discarding. This can be more difficult depending on how much the item meant to you during your life. After going through all the categories and discarding everything that is not necessary and does not bring you joy, it's time to tidy up.

Everything in your apartment should have its own place. This makes searching for something effortless and removes that cluttered or crowded feeling some apartments can get. When you utilize the KonMari method, you can say good-bye to storage units and losing things. Your apartment will seem to grow before your eyes!

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