Delicious Brown-Bag Lunches for Busy People

Oct 25
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If take out meals and plain sandwiches are getting you down, it's time to freshen up your brown-bag lunch. 

Afraid you just don't have time for more than the classic PB&J? Workplace lunches don't have to be elaborate. Here are some simple and delicious ideas that will add flavour back to your lunch break. 


Embrace the jar

Mason jars might be the best thing to happen to your lunches since, well, sliced bread. These versatile containers can hold layered salads, omelettes, oatmeal, chilli, and more. 

For layered salads, prepare your jars by adding cream dressing or vinaigrette first, then add hard veggies, protein, leafy greens, and toppings like cheese, avocado, nuts, or seeds. Because the liquid doesn't contact the soft ingredients, you can make these up on a weekend and have ready to go lunches all week long.

Omelettes work the same way, but you will need a larger jar to accommodate the egg expansion. Crack your eggs into the jar and add the other ingredients you like in an omelet. Shake it up and keep it cold until lunch. Microwave for about 4 minutes, checking every 30 seconds, then enjoy!


Shake up the sandwich

For a fresh, low-carb twist on the classic sandwich, use lettuce in place of bread. Wrap egg salad in romaine lettuce or layer ham, cheese, and cucumbers inside two large lettuce leaves.

Kabobs are also a fun way to modify a sandwich and are easy to prepare ahead of time. Skewer bite size pieces of cheese, veggies, meat and even bread on bamboo sticks and store in a container. 

Tortilla wraps are perfect for lunches. Wrap lunch meat, tuna, or cooked chicken with cheese, veggies, and whichever dressing you like. Keep your wrap from getting soggy by placing the cheese on first, then adding the rest of your ingredients. To make this a quick lunch to put together, prep all your ingredients ahead of time so you can just stuff and go.


Pack your leftovers

Leftover meals can be the perfect amount for a lunch. This is a simple solution that will spice up your workday lunches. Make extra when you prepare your meals (many people love doing "Meal Prep Sundays") and store the leftovers in a microwavable container. Leftovers usually last 3 to 5 days, so make sure you consume them accordingly.