'Fit' in at our new fitness centre!

Apr 25
Park Property Management
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Here at 66 Isabella, we are excited to share our brand new fitness room with our residents. So, we've put together a short list of ways you can best use our gym.

  • Stationary bikes – An excellent choice for anyone new to a fitness regime or sports training. Ensure your seat and handlebars are at the right setting for your body size and use a tough resistance.
  • Elliptical – Great cardio workout. Be sure to increase resistance and stay focused in order to use this machine properly.
  • Treadmill – To use it efficiently, always stand up straight, keep your arms loose and at your sides, and wear comfortable and supportive footwear.  
  • Free Weights – When starting to lift weights, choose lighter than you can lift until you get in the habit of using the proper form, then gradually increase weights.
  • Exercise balls – These balls are excellent to use because they target your core muscles promoting good posture. You can add free weights to the ball workout to make it more intense.
  • Yoga – Great for men and women, yoga allows you to sharpen your mental focus and improve your flexibility.


We want everyone to enjoy their workouts so please keep these tips in mind:

  • Keep your noise to a minimum. Everyone has their own workout routine so be respectful to your neighbours and always use earbuds for your music and keep the noise down. Leave your cell phone on vibrate and avoid using it.
  • Clean up after yourself. Out of respect to the equipment and your neighbours, always clean off your sweat from machines and keep a small towel with you to wipe sweat off your forehead.
  • Never attend when you are sick. There are lots of benefits to working out while sick, however when you are in a public space, your germs can get everyone else sick too. Instead, stick to low intensity activities like walking or jogging, or try yoga, squats, or pushups in your apartment.
  • Mind your time. Smaller gyms have less equipment, therefore be courteous. Keep an eye on how long you are using a machine, even if you aren't finished your workout, you can split your time on the machine so someone else can get their workout in.
  • Respect yourself and the gym. Taking care of yourself includes knowing how to use the fitness equipment properly. Don't try use equipment that is too advanced for you. You could injure yourself or possibly damage the equipment. Always return hand weights, yoga mats, and balance balls properly.

Are you looking for a convenient way to stay in shape? We have vacancies at 66 Isabella. Contact us today to book your tour!