Fun in the Sun!

May 30
Park Property Management
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Tips for staying safe and cool on hot days

Here at 66 Isabella,  we want all of our residents to know there are more ways to cool down, than just turning on the A/C!


When enjoying the sun, remember to use sunscreen! Here are some tips for proper sunscreen use:

  • Apply SPF 15 or 30 at least 15 minutes before sun exposure.
  • Don't forget your ears, neck, nose, hands, and feet!
  • Reapply every 2 hours or after swimming or sweating.
  • Check the expiration date, sunscreen without an expiry date generally has a shelf life of 3 years, less if the bottle has been in hot temperatures.

When you're outdoors, don't forget to...

  • Wear loose, light coloured clothing. Cotton fabrics are lightweight and breathable. Some types of athletic sportswear have sun protection built into the fabrics and wick away sweat to keep you cool.
  • Protect your scalp from sunburn by wearing a hat. A hat with a large brim will protect your scalp and your face.
  • Always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Choose a pair that blocks both UVA and UVB for the most protection. Don't shop by price, but rather by the amount of protection they provide.
  • Drink plenty of water! Staying well hydrated is the best defense against the heat.
  • Seek the shade of a large tree when you feel overheated. Trees absorb heat from the air, making a tree's shade much cooler than other shady spots. Make sure you head indoors if you feel too hot, or starting to feel unwell. Libraries, movie theatres, shopping malls and restaurants all provide plenty of air conditioning throughout the day.

66 Isabella suites are fully air conditioned, however it's still a good idea to do these simple things, to keep your apartment cool and comfortable. 

  • Close the blinds and turn lights off through the day to keep the hot sun out. 
  • Run your dishwasher at night to avoid adding extra heat to your apartment. 
  • Instead of using your oven, stick to stovetop meals, barbeque or use a slow-cooker.

Looking for an apartment this summer? Check out our cool suites today!