Get Moving!

Jan 21
Park Property Management
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Park Property Management wants to welcome our new 66 Isabella residents by sharing a few tips that can help prepare you for the move.

Stay organized and keep the packing to a minimum with these helpful hints:

  1. Don't empty your dresser drawers! Use GLAD Press'n Seal to secure your items.  For hanging clothes, don't take them off the hangers. Instead, slip a garbage bag over top and poke the top of the hangers through the plastic - the bag will keep the clothes protected and unpacking is a breeze!
  2.  Pack the sheets and comforter for each bed in a clear plastic bag. Keep the bag with the frame so that once the beds are assembled, the linens are handy.
  3.  Leave your cutlery in the cutlery trays, just wrap with plastic wrap and slip into a box of kitchen items.
  4. Use your towels, linens, and nonessential clothing for fragile items. For example, slip drinking glasses into clean socks and use t-shirts to protect dishes.
  5. Fill a clear plastic tote with items you will need right away: scissors, box cutter, water & small snacks, cell phone chargers, required medications, and garbage bags.
  6. About Two weeks before you move, be sure to notify friends and family of your new contact information and change your mailing address.

We've listed some of the most important places to notify:

  • Credit cards and banks
  • Government ID: Health card, drivers license, age of majority card, EI, OSAP, car ownership etc.
  • Car Insurance
  • Employer
  • Subscriptions: Magazines, Newspapers, Mailing Lists, etc.
  • Schools
  • Cellphone provider

Take a break from packing and take a moment to review the floorplan for your suite. You can plan out your furniture placement and prepare yourself for the move.

After all your belongings are moved in, consider these tips to help your unpacking be quick and efficient:

  1. Focus on one room at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. If you have friends helping, assign one person to each room.
  2. Clean up as you go. Stash all the flattened boxes and folded paper within a larger box and place in a designated spot that is out of the way.
  3. Take your time! Once the essentials are unpacked, there is no need to unpack everything on the first day. When items are unpacked thoughtfully, there will be little to no reorganizing afterwards.

Not a 66 Isabella resident yet? There's still time to secure your suite at 66 Isabella! Contact us today!