Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Dec 17
Park Property Management
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We are very proud to be a pet-friendly community and want all our four-legged residents to have a safe and happy holiday season.

So is your holiday apartment décor pet-friendly? In order to be safe, check out our holiday pet safety tips. 


Christmas Trees

Your curious pets will want to investigate your Christmas tree, so you should keep them safe by only placing breakable ornaments near the top of the tree. You should avoid using tinsel, ribbons, or other strings on your tree so they can't be ingested. You should also keep your tree water reservoir inaccessible to pets to prevent them from drinking it. Whether you choose a real or artificial tree, we recommend securing it in a stable position so that it won't tip over when your pet gets curious.

Household decorations

We all love to decorate our apartment, however some decorations can be harmful to our pets. When decorating you should avoid using live holly, lilies, poinsettias, or cedar. These plants are very toxic when ingested. Since potpourri can give off a pleasant holiday scent, pets become attracted to it and might try to eat it. However, both dry and liquid potpourri can cause abdominal pain, gagging, lethargy, or other side effects. 

Holiday food

Holiday meals are enjoyable for us, however if your pet gets any of the same food, it can be dangerous. Certain types of food like chocolate, onions, grapes, raisins, turkey, or candy can be very harmful for pets if ingested. Your job is to make sure all food is out of your pet's reach and to clean up any table scraps right away. Ideally, trash should be taken out promptly or, otherwise, it must be secured and placed completely out of your pet's potential reach.

No matter what your holiday plans are this year, make time to take care and keep hazardous decorations and food away from your pets. The best gift for your furry friend is a safe and happy holiday.