Hosting the Holidays in Your Apartment

Dec 19
Park Property Management
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Everyone loves the holidays! But when it's your turn to host the dinner, it's easy to get overwhelmed, especially when you live in an apartment.


Thankfully, your luxurious Isabella apartment suite is open concept, so it's easy to cook a meal while enjoying time with your guests!


Even though our apartments offer spacious living areas, it's important to go through your suite and pack away anything that isn't completely necessary to your party. Don't forget your breakables! This will open up your suite even more to allow for extra seating. Clear out some space in your front closet so your guests can hang their coats. A boot tray can keep shoes contained and easy for guests to find.


Make sure everyone can sit down to eat by extending the length of your dining table with a folding table. Use your dining space or extend your table into the living room and rearrange your furniture to accommodate. Then, cover both tables with one large festive table cloth. Instead of using a centrepiece, fold your paper napkins into Christmas trees and add some holiday confetti to the table.


Prepare as much as you can before your guests arrive by pre-cooking a few dishes and getting all your prep-work done. Make your kitchen work for you! Use your stove and oven along with a slow-cooker, insta-pot, and steamer together, to cook almost everything at the same time. Keep excess heat out by opening your patio door a crack.


Your dishwasher will be your saviour, but make sure to wash and unload the dishes prior to your guests arriving. Then you can load up your dishwasher with dinner dishes, so you can visit with your guests instead of being stuck in the kitchen cleaning up!


After dinner, push the table out of the way (or fold up the table not in use) and use the extra chairs for seating in the living area. Make dessert time easy by serving mini-desserts in the living room so everyone can mingle and enjoy the rest of the night.