How to be a Good Neighbour

Apr 17
Park Property Management
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Apartment communities are a wonderful place to grow socially, and being a good neighbour is the perfect place to start. 

Here at 66 Isabella, we have many wonderful residents who have transformed our building into a welcoming community. 

While we all try to deal with our new social restrictions, being a good neighbour is more important than ever.

Be sociable

Unless you are self-isolating, it's important to be sociable with your neighbours. During the current global pandemic, social restrictions are in place to keep everyone safe. While it's key to remember to distance yourself physically from others, there's no need for social isolating. Talk to your neighbours, smile and greet them in the hall, but remember to stay 6 feet or 2 meters apart. Small gestures make a big difference. Remember, not all neighbours will become friends, but all neighbours deserve kindness.


Be considerate

Being considerate means thinking about how your actions directly affect others. Because we're all in our apartments, now more than ever before, it's important to keep noise levels low by avoiding loud music or television and being attentive when kids play inside or out. Check in with neighbours in your building who may find it difficult to get out for essentials. Single dwellers will also need checking on, to make sure they don't feel isolated. Use your balconies to share social interactions with others in your building. Sing, play music, or just chat while out on the balcony. Remember most of your neighbours are working from their apartments during this time, so be considerate to their needs. 


Support each other

If your neighbour complains about your noise, show respect and rectify the situation the best way possible. Look for ways to be friendly with random acts of kindness. Drop off essential goods or slip your contact information under your neighbours' doors, in case they need someone to talk to. During the current world conditions, now is the time to support each other. Be together, while staying apart. 


Being a good neighbour enriches your life and the lives of those around you. If you need a new apartment, check out our vacancies and tour our apartments virtually.