How to Embrace Yoga in Your Apartment

Jan 21
Park Property Management
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If you have felt a little out of shape due to isolation or lack of physical activities, you can quickly bring yourself back to focus by embracing yoga in your apartment.

Yoga combines physical, mental, and spiritual exercises to foster harmony between one's mind and body. When our body is in sync with our mind, we can become more powerful, extend our limits, and accumulate strength.

Embracing yoga in one of our apartments can be as simple as you'd like. In reality, yoga doesn't take up much space. In fact, it can be done in a spare room, in your own bedroom, or in just a corner of your living room. However, it's best to use the same space each time you practice, ensuring you'll be comfortable and focused when you start. 

A yoga mat is designed to keep you comfortable while holding a pose. Therefore, picking a mat should take a little consideration. The average mat size is 68"x24", which is a good fit for anyone 6 feet or shorter. Taller individuals, however, will need to purchase a longer mat. You need to consider your space when choosing thickness. Hard floors will require a thicker mat for more comfort, while thinner mats work well over carpets. 

Moreover, size and thickness isn't everything you need to consider when selecting a mat. Weight should also influence your decision. Extra thick mats will be rather heavy should you need to carry it, while thinner mats can wear out easily. You'll also want to choose a mat with good texture to avoid slips while posing.

The most important aspect of embracing yoga in your apartment is consistency. It can be easily achieved when taking a course. You will, however, need to pick a course that best suits your needs. For instance, YouTube has several yoga videos for beginners. But we still believe that seeking advice from a trainer in your area might be best. Both the 889 Community and the Mindful Movement Centre yoga studios are close to our apartments. Alternatively, Nancy Yoga offers inexpensive online drop-in classes weekly on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Embracing yoga in your apartment is a simple way to start your practice without committing to a studio membership. Yoga at home can also help bridge the gap when in-person lessons aren't available.