Transform your Apartment into a Smart Home

Sep 15
Park Property Management
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Home automation can make any living space, including your apartment, function effortlessly.

If you're looking to transform your living space into a smart apartment, we've got a few suggestions to help get you started.

It's important to remember that while renting, making major adjustments and modifications to the suite are typically not allowed. When converting to a smart apartment, don't modify the smoke alarms, locks, or appliances. Also, since you're renting, you'll want to focus on products which can easily be removed and taken with you, should you move.

The top three voice activated devices are the Google Home, the Amazon Echo, and the Apple HomePod. Each of these devices comes in a variety of sizes and capabilities to fit seamlessly into your apartment and provide the ability to perform certain tasks at the sound of your voice.

Once you have a voice activated device set up as your hub, you can then add other devices throughout your apartment. Start with smart plugs that you can use to control power to devices or appliances that aren't already automated. Smart plugs can also help you eliminate phantom power and reduce your electricity consumption with their programmability. The easy plug-in-and-go installation and simple removal makes these plugs an ideal choice for renters.

When transforming your living space into a smart apartment, don't forget the lighting. The Philips Hue is a smart lighting system that controls the colour of your lights and their luminosity. By using a hub and smart bulbs, you can adjust the brightness and colour of your lights to match your entertainment or create ambiance to suit your mood. This system also lets you set a lighting schedule and turn your lights on or off throughout the apartment from an app or by using the timer setting.

Finally, the iRobot Roomba can make your cleaning duties a breeze. With a line of robotic vacuums and mops, the iRobot can be programmed to clean for you. Additionally, the iRobot app will allow you to control the device when you're away. Set a schedule and keep your apartment clean, no matter where you are.

These automated devices will work seamlessly within our luxury Isabella suites to help you create your own smart apartment. Call to book your viewing today and begin living your smart life.