Unique Toronto Date Night Ideas

Feb 12
Park Property Management
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If you're looking for some unique ideas to spice up your next date, we have some suggestions for an unforgettable date night close to home.


Take your date for an exhilarating experience at Toronto's CN Tower EdgeWalk. You and your date can walk around the edge of the CN Tower rooftop's 5 foot ledge with nothing but a harness. EdgeWalk is open daily from 9am to 8pm, and pre-booking your EdgeWalk experience is recommended. If teetering over the city feels too extreme for you and your date, a more tame experience can be found on the CN Tower LookOut Level, where you can view the city from a floor to ceiling glass wall and walk along the glass floor.


Get trapped in a room with your date and work together to find your way out at the Riddle Room on Yonge Street. Open seven days a week, this adventure is perfect for couples who love to solve challenges together. The Riddle Room also has a café filled to the ceiling with board games, allowing you to extend your date night once you've made your escape.


Get your hearts pumping when you take your date on a rock climbing adventure. Basecamp Climbing offers an intro lesson, day pass, and rentals for all the equipment you'll need for just $40 per person. Reach new heights with your date as you scale the 7,000 square feet of climbing walls, and try out the 100+ climbing routes. Basecamp Climbing is open seven days a week and is just a short subway ride from 66 Isabella.


Enter a botanical oasis when you and your date tour the Allan Gardens Conservatory on Gerrard Street East. With six indoor greenhouses, you can spend hours walking among the blossoms, buds, and blooms. This is the perfect experience for those who are eagerly anticipating spring. You and your date will feel cozy and warm as you walk hand and hand through flowers from all around the world. 


The city of Toronto is filled with adventure! If you're thinking about making the move to The 6ix, our luxury Isabella apartments offer spacious living just minutes from Downtown.