Winter Commuting Tips

Jan 15
66 Isabella
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Winter is here and for many that means a cold, slushy commute. If you're going to be travelling via the subway, bus, or plan on riding your bike this winter, we've got some tips to help you stay safe and warm during your commute. 

When using transit, it's normal to expect to have a cozy ride. However, delays can easily happen during the winter leaving you stuck waiting in frigid temperatures. Dress in layers and wear warm boots. Touchscreen compatible gloves will allow you to use your smartphone without exposing your fingers to the cold. Additionally, the Transit app will help you plan your route and can notify you of delays that will affect your wait times. Always stay in designated waiting areas and remember, with slippery roads, the bus may slide before it stops. Avoid moving to the curb until the bus has come to a complete stop. 

A subway or train ride will provide warmth, but you will still need to walk through snow, ice, and slush to get to the station. Wear warm boots with lug soles to prevent slipping. And remember, the floors in the station can become slippery; always watch your footing and never run inside a station. 

If using a bicycle to commute, make sure drivers can see you clearly and always stay in designated biking lanes. Whether you walk or bike, cover as much skin as possible to shield against the wind to protect from frost bite. Wearing many thin and breathable layers will help keep you warm and dry, but clothing should be tight fitting, so nothing gets tangled in your bike. Avoid slipping on ice covered walkways with good anti-slip grip soles over your boots. Always give yourself extra travel time so you can take a break from the elements and warm up in a café or retailer along the way.

Residents of our Isabella apartments have access to a secure bike storage room, and a Bike Share Toronto station is right outside the building. There's quick access to transit stops and the Wellesley subway station is just a 5 minute walk away.