Winter Exercise Tips

Nov 12
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Exercising outdoors is beneficial for your health (and much more interesting than working out inside).

During the winter, outdoor activities and exercise can help you burn more calories. Instead of hibernating this winter, embrace the cold and boost your mood with an invigorating winter fitness routine.

Before you start any outdoor exercise, it's important to take a few extra precautions.

Dress appropriately

When properly dressed for outdoor exercise you can easily retain your body heat, stay dry, and feel good. Layers are the key to staying dry because you can easily remove a layer to maintain an optimal temperature. Start with a close-fitting synthetic layer to wick away moisture, then add fleece over that for insulation, and top it all off with something waterproof to keep you dry and protected against harsh winds. 

Cold temperatures cause blood flow to concentrate in your core; therefore, it's important to protect your head, hands, and feet. Always start with a thin synthetic glove liner and top with insulated, waterproof gloves. Wear thick thermal socks, a hat or headband, and sunglasses to protect your eyes. If necessary, protect your face from the wind with a scarf or ski mask. 

Safety first

The end of daylight savings time brings darker evenings. Wear reflective clothing, add headlights and taillights to your bicycle, and be mindful of traffic. Keep steady on your feet with footwear that is designed to offer optimal traction during snowy and icy conditions. Always apply sunscreen and lip balm to protect your skin from a sunburn. 

Warming up before a winter workout is essential. Cold weather puts us at an increased risk for sprains and strains, so always warm up with some stretches before heading out. Even though it's cold, you'll still need to stay hydrated to avoid hypothermia. 

Know when to quit

Finishing a good workout feels great, but if visibility decreases while you're out it can become unsafe. When the weather turns dangerous, don't tough it out to try to finish. Head home and complete your workout in our comprehensive fitness room at 66 Isabella.